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Server Rules

1. Basic provisions

1.1 By registering on the server, you automatically agree to its rules.
1.2 Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility for their violation.
1.3 The administration has the right to make any changes on the server or change the rules of the server without prior notice to the players.
1.4 Each player has the right to implement any game features if it does not violate the rules of the server.
1.5 Each player has the right to use two any bot program, automation software or interface patch unless it causes to exploits of game mechanics, or ruins other players gameplay.
1.6 Responsibility is borne by the creator of the account, regardless of who performed the actions using the account.
1.7 The server positions itself as an 18+ project. It may contain PK content, profanity, and gameplay fraud.
1.8 The player is fully responsible for the safety of his game account data.
1.9 The server administration has the right to terminate the provision of access services to the server to a specific user at any time without giving any reason.

2. Gameplay

2.1 It is forbidden to use software or hardware that interferes with the normal operation of the server (packet hacks, exploiting processses injections etc).
2.2 Exping is prohibited in a group with players violating clause 2.1.
2.3 It is forbidden to use any game bugs. When a bug is found, players are required to inform the server administration about it.
2.4 Trading or transfer of game values is carried out directly by the players and remains entirely in their area of responsibility.
2.5 It is forbidden to deliberately create situations in which players in peaceful zones cannot pass through doors, passages, arches, etc.
2.6 It is forbidden to deliberately create situations in which players in peaceful zones cannot select NPCs or other players without using the /target commands.
2.7 It is forbidden to kill monsters when they cannot hit the player for reasons not provided for by the game.
2.8 It is prohibited to receive more Golden Apiga coins than is provided by the system of incentives for voting, except in the case of in-game trading of Golden Apiga coins with other players.

3. Characters, accounts, player interaction

3.1 Unauthorized access to other people's accounts is prohibited.
3.2 Actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity based on gender, race, religion or membership in any social group are prohibited.
3.3 Threats of violence or physical harm outside the game are prohibited.
3.4 It is forbidden to publish any information about other users, including names, phone numbers, etc., without their permission.
3.5 It is forbidden to create characters in the game with nicknames visually imitating the nicknames of other playing characters, in order to commit fraudulent actions.
3.6 Commercial advertising, advertising of other projects is prohibited.
3.7 It is prohibited to conduct anti-advertising activities and activities causing damage to the reputation of the project.
3.8 It is forbidden to discuss "errors", "exploits", hacks", including situations that have the same meaning.

4. Relations with the administration

4.1 It is forbidden to impersonate an administration representative on the game server, discord server etc.
4.2 It is forbidden to Insults, slander or disrespectful attitude towards the administration, as well as deliberate misrepresentation of the administration.
4.3 The administration does not interfere with the gameplay if it does not violate the rules of the server or does not require prompt intervention.
4.4 It is forbidden to publish official correspondence with the administration or their content without approval.
4.5 It is forbidden to disseminate deliberately false information about the server or server administration, causing reputational damage to the project.

RMT. Selling or buying for real currency

5.1 It is allowed to buy or sell game accounts, game values (characters, adena, things, etc.) or services (pumping, protection, naming, etc.)
5.2. The player is fully responsible for the safety of the RMT deal.