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Streamers Program
Streamers Program
Latest News
Patchnotes 28/08/22 - Fixed manor calculating random range for mobs with HP multiplier
- Fixed 7 Signs calculating period mobs despawn in catas
Patchnotes 21/08/22 - Fixed Black Marketeer of Mammon exchange Ancient Adena to adena
Patchnotes 03/08/22 - Fixed stuck on login with multiple boxes
- Added correct AI to Frintezza stages fight
Patchnotes 13/07/22 - Fixed NPC Torai despawn during "Path To Become A Scavenger" quest
Patchnotes 06/07/22 - Improved AI for Turec Orc Sentinel
- Changed players spawn points on Festival Of Darkness
- Removed unnecessary additional guards spawn on Core boss doors
Patchnotes 28/06/22 - Fixed activation chances for cubics
- Increased required crystals amount to ride a wyvern
- Fixed movement of Penance Guards in Pagan Temple
- Fixed population in Darkness zone of Pagan Temple
Patchnotes 27/06/22 - Improved spawns for Abandoned Camp, Orc Barracks, Devil's Pass, Swamp of Screams
- Fixed Frintezza AI
- Fixed summon pets on Festival of Darkness
Patchnotes 18/06/22 - Fixed issue with close/open doors in CH from the outside
Patchnotes 17/06/22 - Fixed issues with duplication of Festival Of Darkness points
Patchnotes 14/06/22 - Fixed issue with manor in some catacombs
- Fixed crops multiplier on HP increased mobs
- Fixed movement for 7Signs NPCs in towns
- Fixed incorrect siege zone for Rune castle
- Fixed stats for RB 65-76 levels
- Fixed Doctor Chaos golem RB spawn
- Fixed SOE to Castle and Clan Hall from MDT
Patchnotes 11/06/22 - Fixed 7Signs NPC buff/debuff in towns
- Fixed pets stats
Patchnotes 09/06/22 - Fixed possibility to get items to full inventory
- Fixed monsters walking while rooted
- Fixed phantom mobs spawn for polymorf monsters
- Added server announcement when clan declares/stops war
- Adjusted AI for monsters in Festival Of Darkness
Heavy Medal Event
Heavy Medal Event

- Heavy Medal event drop will last from 06/06 (18:00 server time) till 19/06 (18:00)
- Event NPCs will stay 1 week more after event drop ends
- Medal drop rate is 40%, Glittering Medal is 10%
- Raise level and rewards prices are per retail server
- Rewards list includes Soul Crystals 11-12 level, Majestic Jewels, Enchant Scrolls up to A grade and other items
Patchnotes 02/06/2022 - Improved monsters aggression behavior
- Removed annoying popup when you learn the skill
- Removed additional confirmation popup on clan invite action
- Fixed mana pool for Clan Hall managers
- Pagan Temple Gatekeeper Zombies do not teleprot characters
without quest back to Rune, they use their damage skill on them instead
- Fixed incorrect AI for castle guards
Patchnotes 31/05/2022 - Fixed issue with sweep in full inventory
- Fixed Soul Crystal leveling on deep blue mobs
Patchnotes 30/05/2022 - Fixed disappearing of raid boss minions after boss death
- Fixed issue when neutral characters without clan could npt attack and be attacked in castle siege zone
- Fixed issue with missing the ability to ride a wyvern in Aden clan halls
- Fixed offline trade buylist duplicating after server restart
- Fixed MP regeneration bonus at siege headquarters
- Fixed not disappeared headquarters after castle capture
- Fixed respawn delay for castle attackers
- Fixed dagger skills success landing sound
- Fixed missing minions for Carnamakos RB
- Fixed issue with character freezing in obstacle after using the keyboard movement
Patchnotes 26/05/2022 - Fixed 7Signs registration cost (now free for characters with 1st class)
- Removed RB spawn announce for Elhalder von Hellmann and Anakazel
- Removed some configs which caused blocking L2Walker connections
Patchnotes 22/05/2022 - Fixed peace zone on Primeval Island
- Fixed issue when you got 2 crafted items (1 real and 1 fake visual)
- Fixed issue when you could not put the same item in trade if it is already there (for example, to add some adena)
- Fixed issue when some offline traders were kicked out after server restart (existing traders will be kicked out so you have to sit them again)
- Fixed error message after passing the clan academy
- Server core improvements
Patchnotes 20/05/2022 - LifeStones are now stackable
- Fixed some more spawn tables issues
- Fixed some typos in NPC dialogs
- Revisited enchant chances logic (now works per official chance calculations)
Patchnotes 19/05/2022 - Fixed Gold Apiga and Coin Of Luck buyable state. Now you can sell/buy both coins in private store
Patchnotes 18/05/2022 - Fixed Anais RaidBoss minions spawn. Finally she is not alone in her room.
- Added global announcement on RB spawn and kill.
- Added Vote Reward system (meet new NPC in towns)
- Added Donation Services (meet new NPC in towns) with premium account to slightly increase rates.
- Adjusted RaidBosses spawn timers to l2off-like randoms
- New chat command .jtop to get reward from L2JTOP voting (soon more rewards from other sites)
- Added CoinOfLuck (donation coin) and Golden Apiga (vote coin) to all RBs drops. Higher lvl RBs have higher chance and drop amount, but even low level RBs are valuable now.
- Fixed stats for RBs 40-50 lvls
- Fixed spawn timers for all RBs
- Fixed incorrect price for some marks in Marichka's shop
- Added new vote rewarding site. Now you can vote on iTOPZ to get reward in game. Type .itopz in chat after voting.
Patchnotes 17/05/2022 - Fixed quest Hiding Behind the Truth reward
Patchnotes 16/05/2022 - Fixed pdef/mdef/patk/matk for RBs 20-40 lvl. Will continue with other RBs and other stats later these days. Hope will finish everything by the end of this week
Patchnotes 15/05/2022 - Updated spoil rates to properly calculate x3 chance (amount x1)
Patchnotes 14/05/2022 - Fixed regression issues after yesterday update
- Fixed Solina Lay Brother behavior in MOS
- Fixed possible characters stucking on follow if there are more than 3 following characters
Patchnotes 13/05/2022 - Improved swimming
- Manor fix (seeds visible for lords after manor setup)
- Fix mobs agressions for unarmed character in MOS
- Pagan Zombies NPC at entrance now do not attack character with quest and now they can't move
- Improved Andreas VanHalter AI
- Fixed Ships/Boats abording
- Fixed 'Edwin' NPC walk route (no more stucks in walls)
- Fixed clan icon displaying for Lottery Sellers
- Fixed Pagan Temple NPCs walk routes
- AntQueen guards now attacking players and nurses are healing the boss.
- Implemented HeavyMedal and Christmas L2OFF events (so soon we will have medals event!)
- Pagan Temple ramp geodata is fixed.
- New AI for TurekOrcSentinel
- Rift teleports are now working as intended
- All mobs/npc spawns now match the official spawn
- Implemented .menu chat command
- Improved server core stability
- Reverted CrumaTower max level access. Now any level can enter
- Reverted Skill learning window change. Will be fixed in the next update.